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Dropbox To Make Your Job Easier

March 3rd, 2010 ~ No Comments

In these modern technologies like now, we can do almost everything with a sophisticated technology. Everyday, the scientist had made new and much more modern technologies to make our life easier. With this modern technologies, enable us to work with a lot of people from different place in the world. Those that is impossible to be done a long time ago, becomes able to do with this modern technologies. It is now impossible for you to work with programmers based on India, a design graphics based on France and your self based on Indonesia to work on one project.

The problem to share a files and information if you work with that kind of condition is now solved. By using a relevant system on your operations system enables you and your co workers from different place share the same files and information. Besides the relevant system that you need, you are also need a versioning tools that works fine on your windows, Mac and Linux. One of the sharing tools that you can try is DropBox. DropBox is an online sharing tool that enables you to select the files you want to share and synchronize with others users and then simply upload them to the remote site. This tool is upload the files that you want to share automatically and it will stop work if it is being overwritten. Once the file already been uploading, then you can share and collaborate with other users on the file within these folders.

DropBox also can be use for personal level. It can be connected between your PC at home, PC at your office, or when you use Notebook when you traveling. You can also access DropBox from the web if you need access from a temporary host PC. All you have to do is synchronize your files across each machine. But this tool has limitation until 2GB, but you can always purchase more if you needed, and like I said, it is available for windows, Mac and Linux.

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