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Espresso 1.0b2 Version

February 4th, 2009 ~ No Comments


If you’re a professional programmer that is tasked with developing web code each day, you’ll want simple and effective tools to get the job done. You know your code, but editing in a basic text editor is out of the question. You need to be able to layout your code so you can move between sections fixing errors or copying and pasting sections.

Most important of all, you’ll need to be able to manage the files you associate with each site. These files can be the images, style sheets and other elements that make up your pages. Once you’ve finished your work, the facility to preview as you produce and then upload your files to the remote server for real-time testing. You won’t want to copy everything across each time, so file merging and synchronisation is necessary.

Espresso is a brand new code editor for the Mac. At the moment it has been released as a public preview, for everyone to test. It enables you to create, edit and manage your code and the files associated with your site. Quickly preview and then upload your files. You can make sure that your local files are always synchronised with the remote site, so you do not overwrite, particularly if you share your code and server with other developers.

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