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FileZilla Portable 3.2.2 Free Download

February 24th, 2009 ~ No Comments


Ask most users what applications they’ll use to access the Internet and they’ll instantly mention a web browser and an email client. They might mention that they use a chat client, but would be pushed hard to think of another client.

Strange, as only a few years ago the primary application used to be an FTP client. Indeed, you never saw a complete Internet pack without a browser, email client, FTP tool and ICQ chat client. An FTP client will enable you to download files from the Internet much more quickly and you can resume files that have stopped downloading.

However, an FTP client is much more useful for uploading files, administering a server, a remote website or your homepage. You can quickly login to just about any website, with the correct username and password, then upload files, add folders, move around files and change around the site structure.

FTP software is very similar to using Windows Explorer, although you’d be working with two windows rather than the single pane.

FileZilla is an excellent free FTP tool and this is the portable version of this application. This means you could store FileZilla Portable on your USB stick, along with the FTP sites stored in your preferences. Insert your USB stick in any PC and you’d be able to access your FTP site without leaving a trace or leaking personal information on the PC.

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