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Free Defragmentation Tool, UltraDefrag 3.3.0

December 5th, 2009 ~ No Comments

Maintaining the hard disk is a must for PC owner. This activity will be more important as today’s PC has more available storage externally and internally. Many things can decrease your PC’s speed like undeleted folders and files, unused files and cookies etc. They can influence PC performance. If you like to install software, the more you install, so the more likely your PC will need longer time to boot.

There are many bad effects you can get when your hard drive is fragmented. It is because your hard drive must work harder and shifting within unneeded files and folders. The severe effect here is your PC will crash, slow start and failure system. It needs longer time to boot like old PC.

This tool is called UltraDefrag is the effective and simple open source for Windows OS. It comes with simple user interface so it doesn’t eat many resources. This v3 brings the better tool of defragmentation, speed optimizations and so on.

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