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Google Chrome for New Browsing Experience

July 25th, 2009 ~ No Comments

Google Chrome now comes with new technological changes. You will find your address bar inside your tabs. So your address will be different in each of your tab. This change creates more efficient and clean interface. Google Chrome browser uses the same base with that of Safari browser Webkit software. All the Javascript engine is new. The good news here is Javascript can be run by each tab even if the others have not yet finished.

This way, your system memory can be conserved as each tab acts as separate process in you Windows. Further more, problem in a tab will not influence the other tabs. Other feature namely Incognito enables you to browse in secure, without leaving trace offline or online.

Although Google Chrome still in its early stage but the innovations seem good. This latest v2 contains of new tab page, form autofil feature and full screen function. Of course, it is also faster and stable.

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