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The Grabbing Tool, WebShot 1.75

May 12th, 2010 ~ No Comments

Have you ever known WebShot? This tool lets you easily take web pages screenshots that can be saved as thumbnails or pictures. Those saved file can be in formats like BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG.

There will be command line interface demo on the freeware of this tool. This can be bought to be used for streamlining the process of screenshot on the entire website. While WebShot’s server edition brings the DLL to let you easily embed WebShot technology inside you apps.

If you would like to find the command line version, it is placed in the installation folder namely webshotcmd.exe. For indicating which version supports it, the arguments are color coded.

WebShot has many options you can use to make the best picture you can get. Take for instance is wait parameters that can be used to determine the waiting time after and before a browser event occurs.

The common nature of webs today is having scripts or activex controls that appear after a webpage has been loaded by IE. For example is flash that needs time to load after a page has finished to load. Some contents of heavy flash and active-x control need longer time to load. Here, wait parameters lets you use specified time for an object to load.

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