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LimeWire 5.0.11 Version

February 3rd, 2009 ~ 1 Comment


LimeWire has arguably taken the position previously held by Napster, and more recently Kazaa, as the world’s most popular P2P file-sharing client.

With a guarantee of no spyware, adware or bundled software, it also aims to be the most carefree.

You can look for pretty much anything – movies, pictures, games or text documents – and the clear and uncluttered interface makes for a surprisingly straightforward search.

The ability to preview files while they download is very useful and there is a marked increase in download speed compared to previous updates.

iTunes integration has been included for Windows users, and a ‘What’s New’ tab lets you search for the most recent additions.

As with most Gnutella clients, download speeds and reliability are never going to be spellbinding, but at this price it’s perhaps something you can live with.

This download is the Basic free edition. This new v5 contains a completely brand new user-interface.

Note: By downloading LimeWire you are automatically agreeing not to use LimeWire BASIC for copyright infringement.

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