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The Mac 3.2 OpenOffice

February 15th, 2010 ~ No Comments

Before we talk about the OpenOffice for Mac 3.2, let’s answer this question, what is OpenOffice mean? A free fully fledged office application suite which completed with a word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation graphics program is the meaning of OpenOffice. This is a suite of office software, such as word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation graphic program that are all compatible with Microsoft Office, also with a HTML editor, a math’s, a drawing package.

The OpenOffice 2 has been released for Mac 3.2 recently. Something that changes in OpenOffice 3 are the new “Start centre”, a new zoom control in the status bar, and new fresh-looking icons. Other changes include Notable Calc improvements, including a new solver component; support for spreadsheet collaboration through workbook sharing; and an increase to 1024 columns per sheet. While editing, writer has an improved notes feature and displays of multiple pages.

There are improved crop feature in Draw and Impress, and numerous Chart enhancements. The latest released OpenOffice 3 has a huge number of improvements and features, such as improved support for the rendering of graphical images by using anti-aliasing. So if you are Mac 3.2 lovers, you can use OpenOffice on your Mac 3.2 now.

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