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Optimized The Use Of Windows

February 7th, 2010 ~ No Comments

Nowadays, computer is become the most important equipment for a lot of people. It is makes one o the operating system like windows has a lot of use all over the world. It is because windows are one of the easiest operating system that can be use by a lot of people. Compare to Linux, a lot of people will choose to use Windows, because almost everyone knows how to operate it.

What we don’t know is that actually there is a lot of options in windows that are hidden or unavailable to the average user. This make us cant optimized in using windows, this hidden and unavailable options is only knows by those people who know what they are doing and know where to search. But, now by using a Tweak UI, we can search those hidden and unavailable option in windows. This simple application is design to get the most from windows. With this application, the majority of hidden options and many of the “Hard to find” options can be use to maximize the function of windows.

To use this application, all you have to do is doing free registration and download the application. It is time for us to use all option available in windows to make our job easier.

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