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Portable App for Defragment the Drive

May 22nd, 2010 ~ No Comments

After some months using your computer, it may become sluggish and slower. Take for instance your apps need more time to start, slower Windows boot and the whole system that sluggish. You can buy new hard drive that fast and new. Alternatively reinstall Windows and apps. But after some months, it becomes slower again.

What happens when you install apps and remove them? The more you do that, the more likely fragmentation happens to your drive. This because the drive needs to spin more for loading Windows and apps. When you defragment the drive, so the files will be saved in one block instead of saved in different places. After defragmentation, you system will start more quick.

Here you will need Windows defragmentation software like this portable app. The tool needs hours to work so you can do another activity, especially when you have big hard drive.

This tool namely Defraggler comes from same developer as CCleaner. The download link is the portable version.

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