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Protect your Privacy , Passwords and other confidential information from keyloggers using “KeyScrambler”

August 14th, 2009 ~ No Comments

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Key Scrambler is a browser plugin that works silently in the background protecting your keystrokes by encrypting them, hence saving your personal data from thief or keyloggers who wants to hack you or get you credit card number& other passwords.

Unlike antivirus and antispyware Key Scramble can protect you from known and unknown attackers both efficiently.

Features and Function

It protects and monitors everything you will insert or type on a webpage including passwords, credit card numbers, search terms, email messages or other confidential information.

It has integration with IE, Firefox, Flock, Java, Flash, PDF, Web mail and nearly 80 other apps and browsers.

How it works

When you type a word on you keyboard it travels internally in your operating system before coming to display. Keyloggers and hackers can plant there tools to reveal this record through out the data path to collect information they want from you.

KeyScrambler intercepts the keyloggers by encrypting you data wherever it travels in your operating system before coming to display.

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