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Surf Anonymously with PortableTor 0.20

July 1st, 2009 ~ No Comments

In some cases you may need to use someone else’s computer or laptop. Take an example, in a meeting or you often move to different office or your computer is in repair and some other reasons. Of course when use other’s PC you also use his configuration, bookmarks, web browser and so on.

In this case you can choose to use your USB with portable app in it. This way you can stop install data and personal information from host PC. But, your IT department still can see it. What websites you have visited, that PC’s traffic and so. They can know your usage and even if you use portable browser to surf.

If you would like to seek an alternative for hiding from them, just use this PortableTor. It allows you to surf the internet anonymously from any computer. Your traffic analysis is hidden. And using PortableTor can hide your location and your browsing source.

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