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Synchronize Bookmark File between Multiple Computers through Transmute

February 27th, 2010 ~ No Comments

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What type of internet browser that you use on your laptop? There are many internet browsers today, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and others. Each internet browser designed with each special quality. Of course we have to choose the best one to install on our laptop.

If we talk about internet browser, we must talk about bookmark. Right, bookmark helps us to save our favorite pages in order we can find the pages easily on the next times. Bookmark is really help us to store our favorite pages although the pages are lots of amount. And sometimes we will feel hard to remember each URL of our favorite pages. That’s why bookmark is important for us.

Transmute 2.03 from Darq Software allow us to synchronize bookmark file on the Mozilla Firefox browser with Google Chrome browser. Not only synchronize between different internet browsers, Transmute 2.03 also able to synchronize bookmark file between multiple computers. So we can synchronize bookmark file on the one computer to other computer through Transmute 2.03 application. But, Transmute 2.03 has not support Mac and Linux Operating System. Today, Transmute 2.03 only can be run on Windows OS. We can try this new application for free.

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