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Team Drive 2.1 for Sharing File

June 26th, 2009 ~ No Comments

TeamDrive is used to share files within a groups and each user gets the updated file automatically. Using TeamDrive, you will not need the others tool like further technology, server and so. The download link is the Windows XP and Vista version. As for the Linux and Mac OS X, they will follow.

There are other tools you may think can use them like Syncplicity and SugarSynch. They enables you to automatically sharing datas with others. But actually those tools is designed for specific purposes like synchronisation and backup tools.

And then you may think that you can simply work on code and files, upload them to server or email them to other. But of course, this way you should provide a server for it. So that every user get access and can check in and out the datas.

So, choosing TeamDrive you can get the easy and simple tool than the other aforementioned methods.

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