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The New Generation iPod

November 17th, 2010 · No Comments

The new generation iPod Touch includes Retina display which is a term created by Apple for the latest breed of super-sharp screen. With the retina display on the iPod Touch and all things that you see and do on the iPod touch looks amazing. Moreover, can be seen as even more beautiful than its original form. That is because the density of the pixels of the retina display very high. Our eyes cannot distinguish individual pixel, which means the images in games, movies, and, images pop from the screen, the text in books, web pages, and emails are crisp at any size.

This is a truly advanced technology used in making the iPod touch. With the larger pixels, the detail of an image will be further described. Therefore, the image will be increasingly apparent as real. Creating graphics and text looks smooth and continuous. Prepare to be glued to the screen. Here the LED backlighting also affect image quality. LED backlighting and a light sensor that automatically adjusts screen brightness to see the best and settings associated with the use of battery. Therefore, you can focus on things more important.

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