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Get Paid To Write A Review

January 28th, 2008 · No Comments

You can get paid just by writing a review. Many has earned money from writing reviews and at the same time thousands of products sold because of those suggestive review. You can do that as well and earn money immediately by using your personal blog.


Writing reviews is pretty much like win-win interaction between blog / web publisher and the advertiser. As a new bloger, you may have difficulties to figure out what the next posting on your blog. While regular update is a way to improve your blog visitor, finding a new topic regularly may add more stress. In this case, an opportunity to write a review will be great solution for your content limitation.

Smorty is one of place you can find opportunity to write a review. It is like a bridge connecting between advertisers and blogger like you. Once your blog has been approved to join their network, you can find some advertisers offering opportunity to write opinion posts for their product. Obviously they will ask you to add direct link to the advertisers site. By publishing your review you are entering a great business of blog for money

Perhaps you also aware about several sites which got their Page Rank devalued because of writing a review. But as far as the review remain objective and not misleading, you can maintain your page quality. Smorty also aware about this problem and suggests several tips to reduce any chance of devaluation on your page rank.

Not many get paid to blog service considering about page rank degradation on blogs of their network members so much. Several service still urging to add a full disclosure when a post is published as sponsored review. Therefore I like to join with smorty blog advertising network because they care about page rank of their network members.

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