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A Glimpse of Blackberry

August 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

Forerunner to the Black berry is a pager. Maybe we do not think that the Blackberry sophisticated as we know it originated from a simple pager. But that’s the actual reality. Blackberry reached the top of triumph when the President of the United States, Barrack Obama use the Blackberry as part of his lifestyle. Obama using a Blackberry and facebook for social networking in the presidential election campaign in 2008.

Blackberry uses smartphone technology with an edge in the field of mobile e-mail. With this facility is as easy as sending emails to send SMS (Short Message Service), the BlackBerry becomes the favorite for the middle class that is active and dynamic in their work. As a smartphone, Blackberry is equipped with features such as smartphone in general address book, calendar and multimedia such as MP3 player and video player. The main advantage is the ease of the Blackberry e-mail and ease of use online tools like Facebook, Ebay and Myspace. The existence of a QWERTY keypad on the Blackberry will speed users to
write long sentences that are often used in email. Qwerty keypad is a keypad that looks similar to a keyboard on a computer or a laptop so we could easily typed letter by letter.

Today, the Blackberry has been equipped with Global Position System (GPS) so that BlackBerry users can access the map when driving on the street. GPS is also useful when users travel a lot because the Blackberry is very strong signals so that it can penetrate buildings, mountains and dense forest. Today, for the same class, have to compete with Android Blackberry and Windows mobile. Gadget world is never devoid of competition.

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