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Google vs Amazon’s and Apple’s TV Offering

December 4th, 2009 · No Comments

It seems Google would like to bring the TV World and popular shows into YouTube. Those will be the content of Google Phone. So the users can access them for free through their handsets. All those scenarios will be happened once Google launches Google Phone. In this case, Google needs to offer contents just like iTunes and App Store etc.

Google has working on their plan. TV industry needs to be convinced in order to let them stream the TV shows. This way, the users can watch their TV shows without the existence of commercial advertising after the TV shows have been broadcasted. As the charge, each episode will be priced $1.9 as regular price.

So there is something different here. Amazon and Apple will give the download version and YouTube will give the streaming TV shows for user. TV shows streaming in fact needs the internet connection, so it will be nice idea if you can get the unlimited plan here.

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