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Google Chrome will Integrate Flash

April 1st, 2010 · No Comments

Have you heard the latest info of Google Chrome? Yes, now Chrome has intention to integrate Flash into its browser, so the users dont have to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player before viewing YouTube video and more. This looks like a cool feature Chrome will have.

Further more, the company, Google says that Flash will be integrated along with another components like HTML and Javascript and now it seems the same thing will be applied to Chrome OS. This way Google has just found its way before brings Chrome OS tablet to the public. Now, it is not only iPad can destroy Adobe’s empire of Flash.

Not sure when this will come with the first Chrome OS device. Even TechCrunch doesnt confirmed it will come in second half of 2010. By the way, the mobile OS will be updated to Flash 10.1 in this year.

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