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GPS PhotoFinder To Add Geoposition Data on The Go

February 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

A perfect companion for traveler photographer has arrived. ATP displayed their GPS gadget that able to add geoposition data or geotagging on your digital photos. ‘PhotoFinder’ can add data to your digital images on the go, no complicated software, no PC required.

Simply turn the hand held GPS ‘PhotoFinder’ device on while you’re taking pictures, and insert your card into the enclosed memory card slot and it will automatically do the geotagging. It put meta data of current position according to the GPS satellite.

The GPS device is compatible with major brand of digital camera and its data is seamlessly combined with Google Earth & Google Maps. A perfect companion I would said.

GPS Photofinder with Google Earth


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  • 1 GPS PhotoFinder To Geotagging your images « Gatzet Support System // Feb 9, 2008 at 1:09 am

    [...] GPS PhotoFinder To Add Geoposition Data on The Go   [...]

  • 2 Gilbert // Apr 24, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    I used it for 3 months and I felt it’s a very useful tool for Geotagging application.
    I have the SONY GPS-CS1, it’s the first geotagging device on the market, but it’s too stupid. Why ?
    1. ATP PhotoFinder has a LCD screen:
    It just provides a function to adjust and check your camera’s clock.
    Nobody won’t always watch the small sceen. Why ? Because it’s not a navigation device to provide a map. So I don’t know why you always need to watch the LCD screen ?
    To adjust the camera’s clock is ensure the photo’s record time and date can match PhotoFinder’s GPS data.
    Like SONY’s GPS-CS1, because it has no LCD screen to adjust my camera, so I often took a lot of photos but several can’t be tagged successfully. Why ? Because the time record can’t match and sync.. ATP PhotoFinder has a LCD screen, it’s a benefit for users.

    2. Signal lost:
    As we know the GPS has 3 modes: Cold start/Warm start/Hot start.
    From my experience, any GPS device is easy to lose signals because the signal is easy to interfere by environment, especially tall building, cloudy day or even rainy day.
    But if the GPS device can receive the 1st signal and stable, anytime it can be a hot start mode as long as you don’t power off it.
    What is the hot start mode? When you lost the signal, it can acquire the signal within 1 second depends on the GPS module chipset. I think SirF III can reach the standard and I ensure PhotoFinder can do.

    3. Built-in SD/MMC/MS card reader:
    It’s also a benefit. I believe other similar products on the market, when they do the tagging function, PC is necessary. But they need to install a lot of softwares and steps to tag one photo. If I took 300pcs photos, how long I spend to repeat the step ? Find the location and tag to my photos.
    But PhotoFinder provides a OTG ” On the Go ” function, I can insert my SD or Memory Stick into the PhotoFinder directly, select the correct Time Zone then it will tag all my photos automatically.
    It’s like a magic box and I don’t need a PC to do it. And any brand of camera can use it. It’s the biggest benefit.

    Geotagging is a new field and I believe more and more people will join it and find the joys.

    That’s my experience, for everyone’s reference.
    It’s not a navigation device, PhotoFinder is a Geotagging tool, a magic box to tag all you photos.

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