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Great Graphic with 11 inch Macbook Air

October 20th, 2011 · No Comments

Great Graphic with 11 inch Macbook Air

Apple Macbook Air Silver

Apple launched its MacBook line. This time is Apple MacBook Air with 11 inch screen. Apple MacBook Air performance is very well maintained by the company that has the apple logo. With Thunderbolt I/O ports and a backlit keyboard, Apple MacBook Air is able to act faster than the predecessor model. Attractive appearance with a sleek and slim body makes Apple’s MacBook Air is getting crazy gadget lovers. Equipped with the latest generation of Core 2 Duo processor (Core i5) making it the fast track to leave its competitors. Previous 13-inch Macbook Air has also been equipped with a Core i5 processor, but for this time series 11-inch Macbook Air is claimed to be able to move faster. Operating System that used in the Macbook Air is a Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, which is the latest OS from Apple.

Unfortunately there is no slot for external memory, there are only a 64 GB hard drive that is embedded in it and also 2 GB of RAM for standard version is priced at $ 999, and for the version with a price of $ 1199 is equipped with a 128 GB hard drive and 4 GB of RAM. Graphics card that was applied to the Macbook Air is an Intel HD 3000. Display images presented Macbook is very good, especially for those of you who used to use program for designing graphics.

The weight of the Macbook Air is only about 2.34 pounds without the adapter and 2.68 pounds with the adapter. With a thickness that only about 0.68 inch, Macbook Air looks very thin which makes it attractive to use. Just like its predecessor, the Instant On feature Apple adopted the new Macbook Air is also applied in this. This feature allows the Macbook to be in a standby condition extremely and not drain the battery much. Unfortunately, the webcam that contained in the Macbook is not equipped with HD quality, images are captured with a little blurry. In addition, the absence of the SD Card slot, Ethernet port and wireless 3G options are also some disadvantages of this Macbook Air.

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