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Several Handy Android Applications

May 14th, 2011 · No Comments

Several Handy Android Applications

Everyone knows that when they have smartphone with Android OS on it, they can get great advantages and benefits, since most of the applications are available for free. Android applications are designed and built to provide help for users who don’t want to spend lots of money to get their devices be beneficial for them. If you’re one of the Android users, maybe some of these applications can help you in working:

• The AndroidScan, which provides help and application for scanning the barcodes. It can be useful when you’re going shopping in order to find out the price.
• Commandro, which combines the features of social network and GPS tracking. When you use this application, you know where your friends location and what they’re doing.
• The Cooking Capsules, which provides simple cooking experience. When you use this application, you can practice what you’ve learned from your device easily and effectively.
• The WritingPad, which is suitable for people who often forget things. You can use it to write grocery list or other notes.
• The HandWx, which will provide information about the weather forecast for about a week. It’s beneficial for active people who spend most of their times outdoor.

Those are just several examples of applications that can be beneficial for you.

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