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New Harmony 600 And Harmony 650, A New Way To Enjoy Your Home Entertainment

March 10th, 2010 · No Comments

Having a high tech remote to simplify your activities is become a need for most of the people. Imagine If you have a complete home entertainment in your house, there will be several remote controls that you have to use just to watch the TV.

Now, there is a new solution that makes use easier to watch your TV. Logitech, as the one of the biggest company in Technologies products industries, has revealed their new remote products called Harmony 600 and harmony 650. Both of these products have a screen on it that can make you see your favorite channels as well as the commands you need for the devices that you are using. For harmony 600, the screen is available in black and white, and for Harmony 650 remote, the screen color having a color screen. These two remote are made special to make everything becomes easy and simple. You only need to complete the online set up, and you can remote for your entire home entertainment product. Simply by clink what you want to do, for example “watch TV”, then these remotes will automatically turn on the devices and select the right inputs.

The High Tech New Harmony 600 remote will only cost you for $79.99 and the Harmony 650 will cost you only $99.99. Still an affordable price for such a great remote. Both of these products will be released to the market in March and available on US and Europe.

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