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Finally Released, HD-DVR with Real MOXY

July 1st, 2009 · 1 Comment

TIVO offers the improved way people interact with TV which you can view your show and record it in high definition. The digital video recorder, multimedia integration and even internet compatibility are offered in one device. Whats more, it comes without monthly fees. We are talking about MOXI HD DVR that called “The World’s Best DVR”. You can judge it after seeing its features:

* Without monthly fees
* Winning some Emmy awards for its HD user interface
* Rhapsody, Flickr and Hulu, and Netflix with internet connectivity
* Software upgrades automatic and free
* HD channel filtering (automatic)
* Channel memory (automatic)
* Potential recording conflict is alerted via smart remote scheduling
* You are allowed to scroll news, stocks, and sports across the bottom of the screen
with its SuperTicker widget bar

So, what is your oppinion? Without monthly fees and the real HD interface it offers, this device is the good choice. But for you satellite users, it seems that this MOXI is not your alternative, because this MOXI is not compatible with satellite, this device uses cable programming that delivered thru coaxical cable.

Check this out at and you need to prepare $799 to get one. According to the official site, you will save about $400. They say also that you can also pay $39.95 for 20 months. So, are you interested in taking this HD UI of Emmy award winner?

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