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Home TV as Big as Table

May 16th, 2009 · 1 Comment

It is a great imagination that your table is your computer. It will be your friend as it talks to you, gives you the update advice of fashion as well as reminds the dwellers when they must take their medicines and so on. The video gives you the description how this will come true. Through Microsoft’s plan for incorporating technology to the wider area of life, Microsoft Home, the hope will be real in step by step development. This video is one example presenting to you by Janet Galore, the senior program of Strategic Prototyping Group.

This prototype is expected to be realized for next decade, 5 – 10 yrs horizon, not too short for the new born technologies to be penetrated. The other examples, the home owner can interact thru voice and gesture to control their cooking surfaces and the kid’s room will be decorated with digital wallpaper. So, the new technology seems to bring the efficiency in time and energy.

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