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HTC Desire Upgraded OS to Gingerbread

April 7th, 2011 · 1 Comment

HTC Desire Upgraded OS to Gingerbread

Since the last time HTC launched their new product of HTC Desire, the company has promised to provide the update for the device operating system. The current HTC Desire is running on Froyo Android 2.2 version, and they’ve made a promise – since the production and the launch – that they’ll soon provide the device with upgrade ability for the operating system of Gingerbread Android 2.3 version. But it seems that the company has been occupied with other issues or they simply forget about their plan because since the launch, HTC hasn’t made any announcement concerning the upgrade version.

However, everything seems about to change now because the upgrade ability is finally launched and available. But the company doesn’t seem to be able to provide Android users about the exact time frame for the upgrade. They’re only saying that it’s in spring, with no exact timeline. But a French carrier has finally given out great news that the upgrade will be available around April – the latest is in the middle of April – so Android enthusiasts could expect their devices to be upgraded soon enough.

It’s definitely a great news for Android users who have been waiting for quite some time for the upgrade.

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    Please, i need a htc HD mobile phone.Thank u

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