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HTC Jetstream: Tablets At Its Best

September 28th, 2011 · No Comments

HTC Jetstream: Tablets At Its Best

HTC Jetstream is the newest additions in the tablet industry from the HTC Company. Well, you can see that you always get the best products from the HTC Company, and this Jetstream is really having everything that you would need from a tablet device. The best thing about HTC is its great camera, so you can take great pictures only using your tablet everywhere. Camera might seem not very important for a lot of people, but you would never deny that you can use a good camera in the device you held for a good use.

The processor for this device is the 1.5 GHz Snapdragon and the graphics accelerator is using the Adreno 220 graphics. Try to compare it with any other tablets, and you can see that this HTC Jetstream is the best one in the market today. The Ram would be 1 GB, and the storage capacity only available with one option: the 32 GB of storage system that should be enough for you to save anything today with the age of cloud computing coming.

This device could rival the other tablets in the industry because it could definitely change the way people thinks about the materials used for tablets. Of course you need to see the real deal before you can compare it with anything on the market, but you can see that the metal back cover really shine and would be really helpful for you to get shine in the street easily. Get this HTC Jetstream today and be the one who proud carrying it.

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