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HTC ThunderBolt 4G Smartphone Is Already Available!

April 20th, 2011 · No Comments

HTC ThunderBolt 4G  Smartphone Is Already Available!

It seems that HTC is getting productive this year, since the company has been releasing and launching quite a lot of products this current year. The new HTC Thunderbolt is already available this time around. This product is the first smartphone from HTC with 4G technology. It also comes running on Android operating system and bigger display screen. It will also be available with camera of 8 megapixel capability.

This device has been waited for by gadget lovers since January, but they’re kept waiting and guessing of when this device will be probably release since both HTC and Verizon keeps quiet about it. Before the device was launched, there was a tweet from the internal operational sales manager of the HTC that mentioned about the availability of the device starting from March 18th. Although the comment was removed later on, the leaked news is enough to make gadget lovers and fans go crazy and ready.

The 4G smartphone will be available with WVGA screen with 4.3-inch size in bar shape. It comes with 840 x 480 resolutions. It’s going to run with operating system Froyo or Android 2.2 and also integrate processor of 1 GHz. It’s able to transfer data up to 12 Mbps speed. It comes with two cameras at the front and back.

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