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HTC Touch HD, What the Folks are Saying

February 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

The HTC Touch HD has been getting lot of reviews from folks now that it is available in The UK. Immediately, it was unpacked, examined and checked thoroughly and after that…judged. Some of the blogs that gave reviews on this device is Phone Arena, Pocket Now, and Slash Gear. Although, they have different comments, but they all agree that his smart phone is quite impressive. So here is what they say about the HTC Touch HD.

Phone Arena was very impressed with the phone’s display and said that it is “the phone for document viewing”. While Pocket Now was paying attention to the battery and also by the HD display. CNET was even more frank saying that “HTC’s best Windows Mobile phone yet”.

However they also noted some drawback on the gadget. Slash Gear thinks that it the phone’ platform, Windows Mobile” is not very suitable with it. The size also has given a negative point for the phone and the TouchFLO 3D has some poor performance. And one thing that is regretted is that there isn’t any US 3G bands on the phone.

Last time I heard, the phone is available in North America.

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