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iBooks, New Way of Reading

July 17th, 2010 · No Comments

One of the interesting features of iPad is e-book reader, or Apple named it the iBooks. This e-book reader is simple and readable. Reading on iBooks means you can look up in dictionary, or choose a chapter you want to read first. It also has search feature. Some of users may concern about the eye strain caused by reading iBooks. It can be avoided by adjusting the display setting, e.g. brightness, contras and its font.

Beside books application, you can read comics, magazines, newspaper or PDF files. Of course, you may need certain application from each producer. For comic lovers, you might want to have the Marvel application from a well known comic publisher, Marvel. Marvel also provides some free comics for iPad users. For magazine, there are some publishers that provide iPad version. One of them is Time Magazine. As well as magazine, many online journals and newspapers are also available on iPad, such as USA Today, BBC, The New York Times and Bloomberg. For some countries there are also local newspapers which are also available for iPad. If magazine applications are not free, almost online journals which mentioned above are for free. iPad also supports PDF reader, so you can open and read your PDF files on your iPad.

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