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Installing Windows Applications on Linux

November 7th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I love working on my linux notebook every day, but sometimes I’m stuck when I need to run an application that only available for windows. Fortunately there is an application that capable to emulate windows environment within a Linux operating system. To run a windows application on top of linux operating system we need Crossover Linux software that provides windows environment. The Crossover Linux software is not free, but you can download a demo and try it out.

Installing CrossOver Professional

Once you have downloaded the file ( open a terminal window go to the directory where you have downloaded and execute the following command.

$ sh

install crossover pro

The following window will appear. Accept the License by clicking OK.
license agreements

Once you have clicked OK the installation window will open. Enter the desired installation path and click “Begin Installation” to start the installation.

 install global options

 install completed

After a few seconds crossover professional will be installed on your machine. If you have the registration code you can enter it by following the steps below (Registering CrossOver Professional) or if you are using this software in trial mode skip to the next section to start installing windows software.

Registering CrossOver Professional

Click Applications and select “Register and unlock this demo” under the CrossOver menu.

 ubuntu register unlock demo

You will be presented with the Product Registration Window. Once you have entered your registration details your copy of CrossOver will be upgraded.

upgrade successful  

Using CrossOver Professional

Now, we’ll see how to install Windows software using Linux CrossOver Pro. Start the installation by clicking Applications->CrossOver->Install Windows Software.

install windows software  

As you can see in the snapshot below you can either select the software listed or you can choose to install unsupported software. I am going to install an unsupported free windows software called Xvid converter.

Select Install unsupported software and click the Next button.

codeweavers install software  

Select the installation file of Xvid Converter and click Next.

xvid converter setup wizard

Run through the regular installation process.

license agreement

 xvid converter select destination location

Make sure that you select a different directory, preferably one in your home directory. In my case it is Z:\home\vivek\untitled folder\Xvid Converter

 xvid converter select additional tasks

 xvid converter ready to install

 xvid converter setup wizard launch

That’s it, you have finished installing the application! You can launch by going to Applications-> Windows Applications-> Xvid Converter-> Xvid Converter.

xvid converter start  

The following screenshot shows you Xvid Converter in action:

xvid converter open screen  

Now you can experiment by installing different applications. If you want to uninstall any of the applications you have installed using CrossOver, go to Applications->CrossOver->Configuration.

crossover configuration  

Select the bottle in which you installed your application and click Repair/Remove. Your application will be uninstalled.

Note: We tested this application on Ubuntu 8.10.


Although a good number of applications are supported and can be installed, not all windows based applications can be ported to Linux using Linux CrossOver Pro. For example I couldn’t install Adobe DreamWeaver CS4 using Linux CrossOver Pro. It’s still a great product that helps you transition to using Linux.

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Download Crossover Linux Trial from

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