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Intel Core i7-2600K: Easy to Overclock

August 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Intel Core i7-2600K

When you need to do the overclocking stunt, you can trust the performance on Intel Core i7-2600K. The company, Intel Pentium, has stated that they have release one of the most powerful processor in the world by the time they launch this processor. They also state that the processor is very suitable for those who like overclocking because this processor is very east to overclock. Even though, many overclockers still rely the performance on i5-2500K which is cheaper. Definitely, this statement has drawn your attention away and we believe that you would like to learn more about the processor.

As a start, there has been some improvement in the processor. This one has some serious architectural changes plus a whole new socket and chipset to support the greater performance. Unfortunately, you may not be able to upgrade your PC because the new processor has four sockets while our old-school one only has three sockets. Fortunately, Intel Core i7-2600K can still be afforded by the help of a corker. Then, you will also have HDMI 1.4a (for stereoscopic 3D Blue-ray playback at1080p) and output of HD audio bitstreams as your new features. Wouldn’t that be great? Last but not least, the potential competitors would be i5-2500 K and AMD A8-3850.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s all that we can provide you. We hope that you would like to have a touch with the processor. We also hope you find something useful and interesting from the article as well. At last, when you need a brand new processor, you can get Intel Core i7-2600K for a try.

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