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iPad 2, iPhone 5, Apple TV

January 25th, 2011 · No Comments

If you’re one of the Apple fans, there’re several news concerning several new Apple’s products, especially the new generation of iPad 2. Since last year, there have been rumors concerning the new device; whether it’ll have two cameras or come in smaller size. It seems that the company has decided to finally launch the new device in April. It will have two cameras; front and rear, and a slot for SD card. The screen is said to adopt Retina Display technology with super resolution that makes the screen bright and clear. The iPad 2 will also have dual GSM/CDMA feature by Qualcomm.
Meanwhile, the company has made new plan about releasing a new iPhone 5 this summer. Yes, so soon this summer. The new phone will run on CPU A5 and has Qualcomm chipset, capable of doing CDMA/GSM/UMTS connection. The iPhone 5 prototype has been tested by the senior Apple staffs, but on campus use only.
It seems that the company isn’t satisfied enough with their achievement in computer and phone industry, it’s also planning on producing Apple TV industry, running on CPU A5 processor. It’s stated that the CPU enables the TV to run really fast. The A5 processor is rumored to be used in the next production of iPad 2, but it’s still a rumor. No one confirmed it yet.

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