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iPad For Gaming

July 28th, 2010 · No Comments

iPad is a tablet computer made by Apple. IPad forms have in common with the iPhone or iPod Touch. However, iPad much larger size when compared with the two products (iPhone and iPod Touch). iPad also has additional functions such as the one on Mac OS X Operating System. iPad can be used for various things, like reading a book with iBooks feature that existed at the iPad. By using the features of iWork, iPad can also help you to work. In addition, the iPad also be used to view TV, movies, and video and for people who love to play games, iPad also be used for gaming.

There are plenty of iPad games that interesting to play, such as : Command & Conquer Red Alert, Need For Speed Shift, Mirror’s Edge, N.O.V.A., and other iPad games. Those games are very excite to play. For example Need For Speed Shift. In playing Need For Speed, the driver moves the car by moving the iPad tablet itself. In addition, by tapping will be able to change the display / view, and zoom size. To change gear or accelerate the car while playing Need For Speed gameyou simply use its touch screen.

In addition to games that mentioned above, games that can be played on the iPod Touch and iPhone can also be played on the iPad, too. iPad games is now available in AppStore.

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