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Make Your Own IPad’s Ocean

August 18th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Clownfish, blue tang, sea turtle, hammerhead shark, and much more. Ocean Blue 2.0.0 is a great app for iPad. It has supreme and lifelike graphics that will give you fantastic experiences in having the personal beautiful ocean. Place yourself in the flippers of a diver and enjoy interacting, feeding, and fascinating beautiful marine animals in the comfort of your home. Moreover, every update will give you new ocean experience.

Now you can own your luxury view of the ocean and notice that your iPad can do this for you. You can interact with a fascinating 3D ocean world by tapping, pinching, dragging, tilting, feeing, and scattering. You can also learn about different aquatic creatures and their habitats. Additionally you can share your ocean with other iPad users by connecting two iPads via Bluetooth.

This app has some great features. The most thing is of course the highly detailed 3D graphics for 6 alluring fish and 2 amazing backdrops, the Red Sea and Palau’s Blue Hole. It also provide customizable dives. You can mix and match different marine creatures to customize the look of your dive. You can also interact with marine live with tap on the fish for a closer look, tap once to watch it swim, tap anywhere on the iPad screen to feed and scatter your fish away.

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  • 1 news.raafatrola // Oct 6, 2010 at 9:00 am

    whoya, thats cool, but wats practical use of such application besides entertainment, let me guess.,..nothing .

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