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iPod touch 8GB discount at newegg!

October 29th, 2008 · No Comments

iPod touch 2nd generation with 8GB flash memory is like previous model of ipods which always have groundbreaking features for it’s user. The iPod Touch 2nd generation with 8GB memory features Multi-Touch screen, the accelerometer, and 3D graphics. It plays videos, musics (obviously) and games greatly. The iPod touch with it’s integrated accelerometer, 480×320 color screen and touch interface makes a nice gaming device.

If you still don’t have iPod touch and want to buy one at discount price or if you have had searching for cheap 8gb ipod touch bundle, then it is time to get one. The newegg has cut the price of iPod Touch 8GB with software update from original price $299 to $199. Because this ipod touch special price is so cheap, the newegg limiting this opportunity to 1 iPod touch order per costumer

ipod touch accessories

According to many early adopters of iPod Touch, one of weakness of this multi media mobile device is the backward compatibility with iPod accessories available on market today. Because Apple has changed the pin-out layout for the iPod touch connector, some ‘made for iPod’ accessories that was designed for previous model of iPod doesn’t work anymore. Go and grab the iPod Touch 8GB with software update!

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