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iTwinge, the Physical iPhone Keyboard

September 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Many people have used iPhone as their favorite handset. It is comfortable to use for your mobile activity, but this favorite gadget does not always support for your easiness. What I mean here is: it will not easy for you to do typing for a number of emails and text messages using its virtual keyboard.

Imagine iTwinge as your gadget’s skin.. It is slid on you iPhone using a kind of sleeve. Easy to use, this iTwinge physical keyboard is similar to that of mobile qwerty keyboard.

This qwerty keyboard for iPhone is produced by Mobile Mechatronics. It works with transferring strokes to the keyboard. It will consume your battery but not too much.

So what benefits you can get using iTwinge? It will improve your typing speed up to 30-40% better and also reduces typing errors up to 70-80%. Pretty nice… When in use, iTwinge will cover many part of you iPhone screen.

This qwerty keyboard will start to be shipped on November 17th and it will be priced at $30.

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