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Lack of Opera Mini application in your mobile phone

November 21st, 2009 · No Comments

After a long stay with Opera Mini 4 which for the user reach tens of millions of people, Opera Mini is now a new look. Though still arguably in Beta 5 Beta OM quite successful in launching the latest version. Because so many have talked about the benefits and new features will be reviewed by mobile phone application. The net about minus / deficiencies / defects in the OM, this Beta 5. Test results as compared with 4.2 OM bandwidth usages can reach 2 times. When done add page to bookmarks application suddenly stopped. Inline editing is not perfect. Inline editing is a facility that allows us to remain on the browser page when entering text. The shortcomings are still lack of content characters / symbols in inline editing is one of them is a function of line breaks.

To overcome it we need to turn off inline editing functions. Sign in to settings option. turn off inline editing functions. Character that is often used much as comma-open and close parentheses. There should be a symbol button so that we can choose the symbol that faster that you imagine. There is no election on the theme as the previous version. Often hangs. Perhaps because OM Beta 5 is absorbed quite a lot of resources since it looks really attractive. Shortcut changed from previous versions that it took a long adaptation. It is not work on mobile phones using the Symbian UIQ (SE P1, P990, etc.). Can not open a file saved using OM 4.2. Synchronization is not available so bookmark from OM 4.2 can not be transferred to the OM 5 Beta. Connection with the operators sometimes fails. Opera Mini can not save image. No traffic monitoring facilities so that we can not see is how much data usage (kb) when browsing with a mobile phone.

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