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The Latest Projector, Touch-Sensitive Image

October 10th, 2009 · No Comments

This time this projector is still in the prototype only but it will be announced soon in early of 2010. This unique projector has small size, it is introduced in CEATEC JAPAN 2009. So, what is more about this projector?

Developed by Nippon Signal Co Ltd and Funai Electric Co Ltd, this projector is capable for more than projecting your images. Further more it can recognize your finger touch on that image. So it enables you to control anything through the image. That is because the image it produces is touch sensitive one. You can project that image like usual such as in white board, front of the refrigerator, on the wall and so on.

As for the technology, this new projector uses Nippon Signal’s MEMS scanner that will scan RGB laser light in order to produce a color picture. If you want to seek the cheap alternative for touch panel this projector is a nice idea.

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