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New Lenovo Y550P with Core i7

November 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Lenovo brings the laptop back products. This time line of Lenovo IdeaPad named a candidate who isvequipped Y550P Intel Core i7 processor. Lenovo’s latest product is intended for consumers seems a small scale but requires a laptop with great performance. To answer that need, Lenovo Y550P equip with Intel Core i7 processor. Lenovo claims, Y550P is the first Lenovo laptop to use these processors. Intel Core i7 is equipped with Turbo Boost technology that will automatically increase the speed of the processor when the device needs the extra performance.

Lenovo optimistic, reliability is able Y550P attract consumers, especially those who come from the iddle. However, Lenovo did not just target specific markets. Both IdeaPad and ThinkPad series have advantages and their respective targets. To Y550P itself, Lenovo membanderolnya approximately USD1499 classified according to Irene affordable enough for a laptop with the ability of products qualified. With a variety of innovations in their latest products, Lenovo is currently at number five position in the ranks of notebook or laptop vendor has a target to increase their position.

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