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Let’s Color Your Life with the Colorful Feature Phone: Motorola EX124G

October 16th, 2011 · No Comments

Feature Phone: Motorola EX124G

For those who are looking for more colorful feature phone, we have something that might be useful for you. As we have understood well, in spite of the wonderful smartphone era, many people still would like to prefer the same old feature phone. They say that the feature phones are not very complicated; in addition, they are very easy to use as well. By the way, as an alternative you can use Motorola EX124G for sure. More information is provided below.

As we have told you before, feature phones nowadays has been the main choice for many people. In relation to this, Motorola meet the demand of these people by manufacturing Motorola EX124G. This feature phone is very handy to use due to the handy candy bar design. Plus, the LCD display along with the touch-screen feature is very wonderful and the colors are alive; you can see this from the wonderful wallpapers in the phone. When we go deeper, we will find more amazing features such as multimedia player (music and radio), 3-MP camera for capturing any wonderful panorama, and the same old yet important sms messaging, mms messaging, organizer and phone book memory. Not only that, you can also get into your FB for all day long from the available internet browser. Last but not least, the phone also has 3.30 talking hours which will make comfortable and convenient enough when you call someone out there.

Now, would you like to color your life? We believe that you would like to. We also believe that you would like to try Motorola EX124G as your feature phone. Since the details are very wonderful, we are sure that you want to have a touch of it. However, the decision is on you.

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