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LG Jil Sander E 906 – The good combination between Designer and Gadget Maker

October 21st, 2011 · No Comments

LG Jil Sander E 906 – The good combination between Designer and Gadget Maker

LG Jill Sander

Gadgets Worlds in today are not only limited ability to be used by its users, but gadgets are also used as a fashion for its users. So did the thing done by two parties with different business lines. LG as a company engaged in electronics and Jil Sander as a fashion designer from Germany. Both are cooperating in creating a gadget that not only brings a sophistication but also the beauty of fashion. LG and Jil Sander collaborated to create a Windows Phone with a very stylish shape. The dimensions of the sleek, sexy and also impressed the hallmarks of luxury is a product of cooperation of both parties. The collaboration of both were named Fashion Phone / LG Jil Sander E 906.

With the concept of a futuristic and sophisticated mobile phone that is also fashionable, LG Jil Sander E 906 is designed very beautiful and slim. In addition, the phone also comes with an engraved signature Jil Sander beauty with “electric blue trim”. For you fashion lovers, you will certainly be very interested in the captivating view offered by this phone. This phone is considered by a lot of people as a phone that has the best view ever. With the ability of Jil Sander as a famous fashion designer and also the largest electronics company LG as mobile phone makes this phone has a very high appeal for connoisseurs of fashion and gadgets.

In addition to charming appearance, this phone is also sophisticated. Seen from the processor installed on this phone is the first generation of Windows Phone, 1 GHz. Screen with 3.8 inch TFT display became one of the hallmarks LG Jil Sander E 906. 5 megapixel camera with a resolution can produce good image quality for this phone. Besides the storage capacity of 16 GB memory allows users to store personal data on this phone.

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