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Logitech S715i Review

September 9th, 2011 · No Comments

Logitech S715i Review


Logitech S715i is one of the best MP3 docking stations available for you on the market today. This product is small and of course lightweight, but it is actually one of the greatest docking stations for your MP3 player. This product really exceeds every expectation by creating great sound quality and the quantity of the speakers available for you in this product is eight speakers. This is way better than the normal docking station which could only give you 2 speakers at a time. You can also get great support stand that is adjustable, carrying case, and awesome rechargeable battery on the package.

When you dock your MP3 player, you can see that the design of this docking system is really light, but it is stable for any endurance you have. If you used iPhone on this product, then you can see that the system will stop the music when a call comes in. Logitech S715i would be the one that you are looking for on your need of a great speaker system with docking station.

This product could run to eight hours of playback on a full charge. There is an LED light that could help you to determine the battery capacity of this product. You can also get the best remote control so you can control your music listening time from afar. When you still unsure whether you really need this product, you can try to compete this Logitech S715i all over with the other docking station available in the market.

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