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Lost, RPG for iPod

October 19th, 2010 · No Comments

Lost is one iPod game that has a unique game play compared to other iPod game available on iTunes, and it takes the form of a RPG. In this game, you will play as Jack with the storyline is taken from the TV series. So, if you are a Lost fan, this game is really for you and you will know what you have to do.

This game has a pretty solid graphics. But for a RPG game, this game is quite small and not particularly dynamic. But it will be a good idea to limit the choices that you can make during the game. For example, you will always be guided round the world by an arrow. This arrow will reduce the aspect of ‘lost’ in this game. Even when you come to the key part of the game, you are directed for what to do.

But maybe the Lost fans will purchase this game even that this game just cashing in on a popular TV show. Another positive thing is that someone now could get an RPG for the iPod. Let’s hope that the next RPG developer will create some RPG iPod games with more than a quick buck in mind.

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