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Motorola Xoom: iPad New Challenger?

January 27th, 2011 · No Comments

iPad has definitely brought up changes to the gadget world and caused quite a stir to the industry. It’s no wonder if most gadget manufacturer has tried to come up with a new device that would be the iPad challenger; if possible, the winner that would beat iPad. Imagine how cool that would be.

Several competitor products have come up, but none seems to be successful enough to come close to iPad performance. That’s why Motorola hopes its new innovation – Motorola Xoom – will be able to break the domination.

The Xoom was launched early this year and it’s hoped to be as successful as iPad, considering Motorola has reached quite a success with the ranges of smartphones Droid-based. There’s no concrete reason why they can’t reach the same success with this tablet product-Verizon joined. Still, the same problems persists; the iPad product, especially iPad 2 coming up this year.

There’re still unclear news about the releasing date and the price. But rumor has it that the table will be launched in April, with the price of $1,000. Quite a price, huh? That’s why many people predict that the tablet won’t make it long if the company insists on selling the tablet in such high price. Everyone loves affordable and reasonable gadgets with good and qualified performance. But no matter how good the performance is, no one would be interested in buying it if it’s too expensive.

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