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Moving A Website Without Resulting Downtime

December 18th, 2007 · No Comments

This blog has been moved to a new server to increase its performance. The previous server was suffering many downtime on its database server especially when this blog receiving a surge of visitor number from digg or stumbleupon and leaving the Apache server live without connection to mysql database.

After considering several alternative of hosting company, we decided to use hosting service from Bluehost. Our decision is mainly based on the simplicity of Bluehost hosting plan. One plan with four price and payment possibility.

The problem was on moving process from the old server to the new one without affecting all visitors. Fortunately cpanel backup features help this migration a lot and simplify the process.

First I made backup from the latest database. This step can be easily done from phpMyadmin control panel. Just press export button and save all table of this blog to a single file. Then I created a new table on the new server and importing all data from the backup file.

Second, I created complete website backup from cpanel to save all files of including all images since its first posting. This step apparently creates a huge file to download. However you only need files on /public_html/ to upload on the new server. Just upload the zip file containing /public_html/ using file manager and uncompress it afterward.

Don’t forget to double check the configuration file to conform with the new server configuration especially for the database name, user name and the password.

The last step is changing Name Server setting on your domain name management to point the domain to the new server. Just wait up to 72 hour for name server propagation and your websites migrates smoothly without visitor ever notice it.

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