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MyAlarm for your Blackberry

November 18th, 2009 · No Comments

Are you a Blackberry fan? You can find many apps can be installed on your device. This time I want to tell you this app namely MyAlarm. Like the name suggests this app can be functioned as your alarm you can put on your Blackberry. Of course it has many benefits, to help you wake up early in the morning and so on.

So, what type of Blackberry you have used? This MyAlarm app can work on Blackberry 8700, pearl 8100, 8800 and 8300.

So now you may ask what benefit you can get by this app. MyAlarm can be set using various choices of alarm reminders. You can take something from your MP3 as alarm reminder. This app provides you 6 alarm reminders of course in different tones. And then you also can choose the Snoze 1,5 as well as 10 minutes.

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