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N96 Gets v30.101 Firmware Update

December 14th, 2009 · 2 Comments has announced that Nokia N96 has its minor update now to v30.101 and previously it was in v30.033.

This phone has UDP feature (User Data Preservation) so your data and apps will be protected but still it is a save advice for you to back up first your data before updating.

The Nokia N96 also has OTA (Over the Air) update, you can do this if you prefer like this. The other alternative you just need to download the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) via your Windows PC.

You may not yet find this latest firmware update so if this is the case, you have to keep a wait as the update may have not yet reached your region. The other thing is your N96 is a carried branded one.

No changlogs have been released this time. But as usual this firmware update should bring the improvements and bug fixes.

So, have you done firmware update for your Nokia N96?

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