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New Twitter for BlacBerry fans

November 5th, 2010 · No Comments

Are you one of those Twitter fans? Is it one of your favorite applications for your BlackBerry®? Well, here’s a wonderful news for you. A new version of Twitter® for BlakBerry® Smartphones is available for all BlackBerry users. You don’t need to worry if you already have Twitter® for BlackBerry® because you will automatically get an update notification for the new version.

These are the new and better features:

* Quote Tweets.
You can quote a tweet by selecting the “Quote Tweet” from the menu option. You can add or edit the content of the original tweet by using the new feature to add quotation marks around the original tweet.

* Username Auto Complete.
When you type an @ followed by characters while tweeting, the auto complete feature will show a list of users as you type. It’s very useful when you can’t remember how to spell a friend’s name or if there’s a long username.

* Personal Information Guard.
The purpose of this feature is for security. When personal information, such as email address, PIN, phone number is about to be shared, a warning will appear.

* Additional Photo Viewing Support.
Users now can view tweeted photos from YFrog and TweetPhoto.

* View Geotagged Tweets.
By using BlackBerry Maps, users can view the geotagged tweets.

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