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The New Version from Intel Core i7 Processor

July 16th, 2009 · No Comments

The biggest chip producer in this world, Intel always makes inovative and creative brand new products. Intel who is not feel satiesfied with Core i7 processor, launch the next version from Core i7 processor, called Intel Core i7 950 and Intel Core i7 975 XE processors.

If we compare with the first Core i7 processor, Core i7 950 and his brother Core i7 975 have faster clock speed. Core i7 950 has 3,06 GHz clock speed, this is faster than Core i7 940 that has just 2,93 GHz clock speed. Besides that, Core i7 975 XE has 3,33 GHz clock speed. If we compare Core i7 975 XE with Core i7 965 XE, we will find result that Core i7 975 XE is faster than Core i7 965 XE that has 3,2 GHz clock speed.

A part of observer supposed that Core i7 950 and Core i7 975 XE will replace the two old version of Intel Core i7 processors, those is Core i7 940 and Core i7 965 XE. This thing more and more distincted by the information from Intel corporation.

Intel plan to stop the stock of the two old version of Intel Core i7 processor, Core i7 940 and Core i7 965 XE. The Intel Core i7 940 processor will supply till the end of this year, 2009. And the Intel Core i7 965 XE will supply till the midle of next year, 2010.

So, for you who like the old version of Core i7 processor, you have to say good bye to them.

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